Consider how much they can cost the necessary reforms.

Consider how much they can cost the necessary reforms.

Buy a cheap apartment may involve having to make some reforms to inhabit, or leave conditions. In a pincipio it may seem that the sum of the floor price and the cost of the reforms are favorable. Well calculate these costs for something that looks cheap does not end up being more expensive than an apartment conditions.


Recommendations for when the time comes to buy a flat.

The OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), makes some very interesting when you decide to buy a flat recommendations.

1) Take time before making your decision to compare price / quality.

2) Always negotiate the price.

3) Ask before buying a simple note in the registry to check whether the property in question is free of charge.

4) Try to avoid giving "cash account".

5) Compare fees

6) Take into account can cost as necessary reforms.

7) costs of sale.

8) Financing.

9) Take into account the income to calculate the expense.

10) Invest in "brick" is not comparable to invest in fixed deposits.