Houses of containers: Why Maritime Containers?

Houses of Containers

Why Maritime Containers?

The MARITIME CONTAINERS are items of high resistance and durability that ensure long-lived structures and prepared to resist to any mishap. 


The CONTAINERS are built to resist to the worst climatic conditions of the see and resist to several processes of loading and unloading. 


Another advantage of the construction of houses (living spaces) with MARITIME CONTAINERS, are its standard dimensions, that makes transport easier to the place where they will be settled. 

Its process of transformation in a LIVING SPACE, is faster comparing to traditionnal construction; they can be finsished in 4 to 5 months (depending on the surface of the property) and taking in account that the finishings has equal or highest quality than traditionnal construction.

It's a system of transformation already really present wordly, in contries like Japan, Holland, England, Northern Europe, and also America.